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Medicaid Planning

Navigating Minnesota Medicaid Planning with a Minnesota Elder Law Attorney

The Value of Minnesota Medicaid Planning

Medicaid planning can be a complicated and confusing process. Medicaid can elicit a massive benefit towards protecting your assets, especially if you require Minnesota nursing home care or in-home care. Our Bloomington attorneys can assist with Medicaid eligibility in Minnesota while protecting your assets. Without Medicaid coverage, you will be personally responsible for expending the monthly cost of your eldercare.


Homemaker Services $66,352 Adult Day Health Care $21,840 Semi-Private Room $120,914
Home Health Aide $69,784 Assisted Living Facility $45,600 Private Room $132,448

Resource: Genworth

Do You Qualify for Medicaid in Minnesota?

Minnesota Medicaid gives individuals and families access to health care resources that they may not have otherwise. If you or a loved one need Medicaid benefits, specific eligibility requirements are essential to meet in the state of Minnesota. To qualify for benefits, you must:

  • Be over the age of 65; or
  • Be pregnant or have a child 18 or under; or
  • Be blind or disabled; or
  • Have a child, parent, or spouse in your household who is blind or disabled; and
  • Include an annual household income below a determined amount.

Without the aid of Medicaid, the cost of a Minnesota nursing home can wipe out your family’s savings and plans to leave an inheritance for your loved ones. Our Bloomington law firm can help you protect your hard-earned life’s savings from being spent down to pay for long-term care with Medicaid planning in Minnesota.

Work with an Experienced Minnesota Medicaid Planning Attorney

Suppose you or a loved one needs an experienced Minnesota attorney to handle your simple or complex estate planelder law needs, or create a cabin trust. In that case, it’s time to contact Neil Thompson, Attorney at Law at his Bloomington/Minneapolis law firm. We welcome you to contact us to learn more about how we can help meet your legal needs.

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