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Welcome To The Law Office Of Neil P. Thompson,
Estates Minnesota

What makes our Minnesota firm different is that we established our law firm with growing families in mind. We understand you are busy, you are growing, you are planning for a life of prosperity, and you value ease, convenience, and efficiency.

We have developed unique systems to give you the same access to a Estate Planning Lawyer as was previously only available to the super-wealthy so you can have the guidance you need to build and maintain a life of prosperity and wealth. And, with your Estate Planning Lawyer, you can keep your family out of court and out of conflict, which is the most significant risk to the people you love and all you have created.

We can do all of this even if you have already worked with a traditional lawyer or created DIY documents online.

Our Practice Areas

Experienced Minnesota Elder Law and Estate Plan Attorney

The Law Office of Neil P. Thompson has been a trusted ally for hundreds of families here in Bloomington, MN, as they build simple or complex estate plans, manage small businesses, plan for long-term care, and create a cabin trust for their most treasured asset. If you’re seeking legal guidance, come see what Neil Thompson, attorney at law, can do for you.

Elder Care

An elder care lawyer can help you protect your assets and ensure your wishes for how you want to spend the golden years of your life are met, without the staggering costs of long-term care getting in the way. Our experienced elder law attorney will walk you through the process of planning for your future healthcare needs.

Planning ahead is the best way to ensure your long-term care doesn’t burn through the assets you intend to leave for your loved ones should you have to live in a Minnesota nursing home or assisted living facility or require in-home care. Medicaid benefits can help significantly with costs if you qualify, but planning for Medicaid eligibility can be confusing. Our Medicaid planning attorney can help you protect your hard-earned life savings in the event long-term care is needed.

Estate Planning

At the Law Office of Neil P. Thompson, we create personalized estate plans to meet your goals and maximize the impact of your assets. Your comprehensive estate plan could include the following:

  • A will – Creating a Minnesota will with the help of an experienced last will and testament lawyer is an important step in ensuring your assets will be distributed according to your wishes upon your death.
  • A living will, or health care directives – These documents allow you to leave instructions in case you become incapacitated and incapable of making decisions regarding your own medical care.
  • A revocable living trust – A revocable living trust can help your family avoid the substantial cost and energy of the probate process. A living trust created with the assistance of a knowledgeable revocable living trust lawyer allows you to determine how your assets will be managed upon your death and provides for the efficient distribution of your estate to your loved ones.
  • A special needs trust – A special needs trust is a legal arrangement that lets a disabled person or someone with special needs have access to funding without losing potential benefits provided by public assistance programs.

When helping you craft your plan, your estate planning process lawyer will seek to understand any concerns you may have and work closely with you to build strategies that enhance your legacy and minimize your tax consequences. Neil and our legal team have developed thousands of estate plans customized to each client’s specific family dynamics or business needs. Let our dedicated estate planning lawyer take care of your future so that you can focus on the present.

Cabin Trust

Families here in Minnesota can create years of memories inside the many cozy cabins our state has to offer. If you desire for your family cabin to get passed down to your loved ones for future generations to enjoy, our cabin trust lawyer can help you preserve your legacy as an extension of your comprehensive estate plan. Avoid any future family squabbles over the inheritance of your cabin by planning ahead with our trusted attorney at the Law Office of Neil P. Thompson today.

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Plan for Your Future with the Law Office of Neil P. Thompson Today

Both small businesses and families alike have trusted attorney Neil Thompson’s expertise in drafting their estate plans, from the most basic wills to complex trusts, for years. Founded to help people, our law office believes that we can do just that by helping individuals and families plan for the future in a way that protects what matters most to them.

Our mission is to help our clients secure peace of mind that their loved ones will be cared for by planning for long-term care and building a thorough estate plan that will serve them no matter what happens next. Leave the legacy that you always intended and ensure your last wishes are respected. Our legal team at the Law Office of Neil P. Thompson is ready to help.

After addressing any concerns you have about the legal process, we prioritize clear communication with you and work diligently to achieve your goals. Our clear pricing means you’re never taken by surprise or feel nickel and dimed about the legal services you’re receiving.

If you’re ready to plan for elder care, set up an estate plan, reassess an existing plan, or create a cabin trust, let us see what we can do for you to help you feel good about the future.

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